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We are known for our unique and mystical pieces that combine the rustic with the global. Our jewelry utilizes materials ranging from sterling silver, precious gemstones, polymer clay, and handmade resin pendants. The lumber used for our woodwork is bought locally in North Carolina.

Coming from humble beginnings, the 2 Cats family understands the struggle of wanting beauty on a budget. We ensure that our products are of the same artistic quality of NYC art shows, but with prices that will have your wallet saying “Thank you.” We also like our clients, so we encourage you to get in contact about our pieces and materials.

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Handmade Jewelry Made With Love

Pieces of jewelry are not simple decorations for the body like garden gnomes for a home. The work of jewelry is to embellish one’s appearance so that their soul can be seen. To wear jewelry is to allow one’s inner beauty to shine outward like light through a diamond. 2 Cats Creations ensures that every piece is designed to allow your beauty to radiate out into the world.

We use high quality materials and styles inspired from across the globe to craft pieces that ensure our clients can let their beauty show. The same can be said of our woodwork. Using local Appalachian lumber, we craft pieces that make your abode feel like home and bring the beauty of nature into your house.

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